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CaterPillar Nitrogen oxides NOx sensor OEM:359-9171-02 reference:5WK96725A

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Our sophisticated NOx sensor for CaterPillar trucks stands out in performance, reliability, and durability. With notable characteristics such as a ceramic microchip, a corrosion-resistant sensor, and an outstanding ECU circuit (PCB) developed in collaboration with a respected university lab, our sensor establishes a new standard for quality. Our commitment to superior excellence is further highlighted by our CE and IATF 16949:2026 certifications, demonstrating adherence to global automotive quality management standards.






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At the core of our NOx sensor lies an imported ceramic microchip, a crucial component that distinguishes our product. This high-quality microchip enables accurate and precise detection of nitrogen oxide levels in CaterPillar truck emissions. By integrating an imported ceramic microchip, we ensure that our sensor furnishes consistent and reliable readings, contributing to improved engine performance and compliance with emission regulations. This innovative technology showcases our dedication to delivering exceptional reliability and performance across all facets of our product.


Moreover, our sensor is furnished with a corrosion-resistant probe, augmenting its sturdiness and effectiveness. Operating within the truck’s exhaust system exposes the sensor to corrosive elements that can degrade performance over time. To counter this, we have developed a probe with exceptional corrosion resistance, guaranteeing that our sensor remains robust and reliable even in challenging operating conditions. This innovative design not only prolongs the sensor’s lifespan but also reduces maintenance costs for CaterPillar truck owners, delivering long-term value and assurance.


Additionally, our sensor comprises an exceptional ECU circuit (PCB) developed and validated in partnership with a renowned university laboratory. This collaboration has enabled us to create an ECU circuit that surpasses industry standards for reliability, accuracy, and operation. Supported by the university’s research and testing facilities, our ECU circuit ensures that our NOx sensor consistently furnishes precise and dependable data, establishing it as the preferred choice for CaterPillar trucks.


Dependability, lasting performance, and unsurpassed robustness are synonymous with our NOx sensor for CaterPillar trucks. Tailored to meet the exacting demands of commercial vehicle operations, it provides CaterPillar truck owners with a dependable solution that enhances engine efficiency and reduces emissions. Rigorous quality assurance procedures during production fortify the durability and reliability of our sensor, positioning it as a trusted and favored option in the automotive industry.

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