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Cummins Nitrogen oxides NOx sensor OEM:A2C81234400-03 reference:5WK96756

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Our Cummins Truck NOx Sensor is an excellent and reliable component designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern truck engines. The sensor’s exceptional features include a worldwide Ceramic Chip, a Robust Probe Against Corrosion, and an Outstanding ECU Circuit (PCB), all approved by the expertise of the University Lab. These attributes, alongside the exceptional stability and extended durability of the sensor, confirm its status as a vital and beneficial element for truck engine management systems.






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The global Ceramic Chip in our NOx sensor is a crucial aspect of its outstanding performance. This chip is renowned for its remarkable sensitivity and stability, enabling the sensor to meticulously and accurately monitor the levels of nitrogen oxides in the emission control system. Additionally, the probe’s ability to withstand corrosion, integrated into the sensor, ensures its resilience and reliability, even under challenging environmental conditions and prolonged use.


Moreover, the Exceptional ECU Circuit (PCB) in our NOx sensor, supported by the esteemed University Lab, reinforces our commitment to advanced technology and innovation. The circuitry provides the sensor with remarkable precision and responsiveness, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into modern truck engine control systems and deliver consistent performance under various operational conditions.


The reliability and extended lifespan of our NOx sensor are essential to its value and trustworthiness. These characteristics are the result of thorough design and testing processes, as well as the use of high-quality materials in its production. Consequently, the sensor provides unwavering and precise performance over an extended operational life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing downtime for truck operators.


Equally important is our company’s dedication to upholding the highest industry standards, demonstrated by our CE and IATF16949:2026 certifications. These accreditations serve as proof of our commitment to quality, safety, and continuous improvement, ensuring our customers that our NOx sensor meets and exceeds international regulatory requirements and industry standards.


In conclusion, our Cummins Truck NOx Sensor embodies quality, technology, and reliability in the trucking industry. With its global Ceramic Chip, Robust Probe Against Corrosion, and Outstanding ECU Circuit (PCB) endorsed by the University Lab, along with its stability, longevity, and esteemed certifications, the NOx sensor is a crucial component providing unparalleled performance and value for modern truck engine control systems.

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